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CEEDI is capable of undertaking large complex projects and has undertaken many national key projects with social influence. It is involved in the field of electronics, informationization, data center, aviation and aerospace, precision machinery, green energy, biology and pharmaceutical, food and logistics.


Chimei Innolux Corporation, Foshan
  • Chimei Innolux Corporation, Foshan
  • G6 TFT-LCD Project of BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., Hefei
  • Shanghai National Software Exporting Base (Pudong Software Park)
  • Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, Shanghai
  • G8.5 TFT-LCD Project of Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
  • G8.5 TFT-LCD Project of BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., Beijing
  • Software Park of Beijing Polytechnic University, Beijing
  • State Information Center, Beijing
  • China Radio International, Beijing
  • Data Center of China Zheshang Bank
  • Beijing Kyo-Nichi Todai Foods Co., Ltd.
  • Bayer Healthcare Co.Ltd., Beijing
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